“BELAKU”, as the name suggests is a constant endeavour to light up and remove the darkness in society which is created by poverty, illiteracy, ill health and ignorance. “BELAKU SHISHU NIVASA” houses the orphan, destitute and poor children with an aim to provide them shelter, food and education. With the help of well-wishers, donors and supporter; Belaku has now come a long way from where it started and grown into a bigger organisation housing more kids, in a decade of serving society.

We are all aware that our society needs an urgent look towards the problems of the Orphan and Destitute Children. The number of these orphans is multiplying every year. The increase in these numbers naturally gives birth to so many other problems. Due to the lack of proper food, shelter, education, medical care and guidance, ultimately these children become not only, burden to the society but also gradually they incline towards anti social activities. If we give an immediate attention and bring them in a proper and disciplined frame of life, these orphans also can become cultured and responsible citizen of the society.