We as a society, neglect the problems that we create ourselves. This eventually leads to unhealthy environment affecting society's growth; the intensity of which is beyond imagination most of the times. We are an essential part of it and we need to believe in creating a healthy society for ourselves and our neighbours. It is high time we focus on solving the problem than just cribing about it.


Mr. Mohan Das Davaskar

Was born in Shimoga District, Sagara Taluk, from his childhood he was always involved in social activities. He has worked with many Organizations, under the guidance of great people like Mr.Sheshadri, Mr.Krishnappa, Mr.Ajitkumar & Mr.Jayadev.

During the Indian Emergency of 1975, he was imprisoned for 3 years for fearlessly taking part in it. He was good at writing short poems and was very much interested in literature. He always wanted to do something good for the society but never wanted to get recognized. He did his best and has achieved almost all his dreams.

February 11th 2013, a Black day to Team Belaku, as we lost this great man forever. Even though he is not there with us now physically, but mentally he is always there with us in all the good deeds we do. His thoughts and morale about life is what we all are following now.

“Development of Belaku Institutions and fulfilling his dreams is our agenda.”


A man can never leave the society and live alone, he should be a part of it and face the situation (happy, sad, winning, losing, etc.), and then only he can achieve his desires in life. In fact, we human beings always try to take advantage of the society but never try to give back something in return.

From childhood, my heart always used to throb for the things from which I can help the society in one way or the other as it has helped me to grow to this level today.
I came to Bangalore in June 1975; I never tried applying for jobs in Government or Private sectors, and always wanted to be a part of NGO’s. Before the start-up of 'Belaku Shishu Nivasa', I had the experience of working for an organization for 9 years and had closely observed few other organizations, but I was not satisfied because of the indifferences, fraudulent, cold war among the members. After seeing all these I decided to start my own organization with a different notion to achieve my dreams, a place which gives homely feeling, love, care & affection to the children and especially an environment from which the children can bring out their hidden talents & learn new things.

I wanted to build this institution with set of people with good heart, who are willing to do something for this society; I shared this dream of mine with all my friends. Building an organization is not all that easy; I had many constraints such as money, I was in the edge of losing hopes, at this point of time there was a miracle awaiting for me, one of my dearest childhood friends Mr.Srinivas Devappa gave me a light of hope by honoring my thoughts about building this organization and lending the required monetary support. I was completely speechless at this point of time and my happiness had no limits.
I would like to remember one more person here, Mr.Jaganath Pillai, who stood as a back bone for me. He fulfilled his promise by serving for the organization till his end.

April 2000 on the eve of ugadi, we had a small house for rent but the organization was officially started from May 6 2000 on the eve of Akshaya Truthiya, a number of 100 had gathered and lit the light of hopes (BELAKU).
I would like to remember few people, who stood by me and supported me in all these stages, Mr.NV Lakshmi Narayan, Mr.Sunil, Mr.Satish, Mr.Chandrashekhar, Mr.Raghavendra Rao, Mr.NGS Achar, Mr.Sahadev Rao and Ms.Asha - I can never forget these people in my life.

Finally my dream had come true but I still had one more dream to be fulfilled, that is to help the old people and to eradicate their problems as much as possible. With this aim, we started 'Belaku Vriddhashrama' on 1st November 2002.
Further I continued striving more and more towards the society, wanted to do much more than what I had done till now. And here I got a turning point in my path, the great Gandhi Vaadhian-Late Mr.Seetharam Ayyangar's Vaatsalya Dhaama Vriddhasharama in Mysore had to stop its working for various reasons, at that time I got an offer to take over and look after that organization. We all board members agreed to it and on 14-11-2009, Vaatsalya Dhaama was renamed as 'Belaku Vaatsalya Dhaama'.
My next project was to build a school for the education of rural children, to provide them free education and help them achieve their dreams and goals. Luckily I even got an opportunity to proceed with this project. Mr.Shri Shivalinge Gowda of Mandya District provided us with 2acres of land and told us to continue with the good deed. And now the school is being constructed.

"If everyone works towards their goal, one fine day we will be able to make this society a better place for living."